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August 11–21, 2018

In recent years, numbers of emigrants intercepted at the U.S. border from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala were 15, 20, and 23 times as great as those from Nicaragua, respectively. However, many Nicaraguans emigrate to Costa Rica and Panama.


Learn from experts and Nicaraguans' personal stories about:

  • The motivation for emigration (primarily economic) and how it differs from other Central American countries (primarily fleeing violence).
  • The impact of temporary and permanent emigration from Nicaragua to other countries.
  • The impact of legal and illegal immigration on individuals and families in Nicaragua.
  • How people in the United States can support immigrants in our country, especially in light of the current administration's policies.

We will also explore the sanctuary church and city movement in the United States.

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The Environment and Sustainability

Saturday, March 3 — Monday, March 12, 2018

León lies at the heart of a region where signs of climate change are common and issues related to sustainability are easy to explore. 

The itinerary for this trip is under development, but here are a few of the possibilities.


  • Explore León’s unique geography and distinctive
    dry tropical forest.
  • Boat to the nature reserve on spectacular Juan Venado Island, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Roam the paths of the university’s tranqui Botanical
  • Find out about the history of agriculture in León.
  • Visit SONATI, an environmental education and
    conservation program.
  • Analyze the achievements and challenges facing the government’s renewable resources agenda.
  • View murals portraying the revolutionary history of Nicaragua.
  • Connect with locals at San Carlos, a rural community PML works with.
  • Visit the San Carlos Health Clinic.
  • Hike around lovely Los Alpes Ecolodge.
  • Create a traditional sawdust carpet celebrating nature at Xuchialt Art School.
  • Tour Twin Engine Coffee site in León (co-owned by a Minnesotan)

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Birding Trip

Monday, February 19 — Sunday, March 4, 2018

Click here to see the itinerary for the 2017 trip—a hint of what might be in store for the next group.
Contact Emily at if you want to receive updates.
First week in León
See birds and learn about the impact of climate change in these and many other locations:
  • nature reserves on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and in a mountain rainforest
  • a river at the base of a volcano
  • an ancient archaelogical site

Second week in southern Nicaragua
  • Spend two nights in the colonial city of Granada next to the largest lake in Central America.
  • Take boat tours on rivers and around islands to view different landscapes and birds.
  • Learn about the environment and sustainability.

Francisco Muñoz, Nicaraguan bird expert and author of the only Spanish/English bird book covering a country in the Western Hemisphere, will be one of your guides on this trip.